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Crypto is one of the fastest growing market both nationally and internationally. At its peak, it had crossed the 3 Trillion Dollar mark in 2021. It grew at a break neck pace of more than 30x during 2017 to 2021.

We at D-I-Y Cryptos aim at being the part of the winning team. The Govt. of India is fast moving in the direction of regulating cryptocurrency and its service providers. We help people who wish to adopt crypto for its benefits and ease of use. There is more noise than clarity over the use of cryptocurrencies. We intend to cut the noise and provide actionable information to our students. Be a part of the winning team by joining us as a Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager (BDM)

The primary role of the Business Development Manager is to sell the main course namely, D-I-Y Crypto Trading Course (Explained Below).
He / She has to help the student follow the 6 simple steps and be in touch during the 2 months of the course duration. At any time during the course the student can join our premium courses. The BDM will be incentivized for the upselling the course.

D-I-Y Crypto Trading Course

Crypto Trading is considered quite difficult, reading charts, technical analysis etc. All this take 1 to 2 years. However, with our “DIY Crypto Trading Course” the students can shorten the learning curve to 2 months. Follow the 6 simple steps:-
1. Register with us here:-
2. We will help you set up a Demo Trading Account
3. Watch our Live Stream
4. Make a Trading Journal
5. Trade in your own account and give us the feedback
6. Make Profit

Join now, pay INR499/- only (INR1999/-) Limited Period Offer

Job Description – BDM

Job Description
1. Make a list of prospective students.
2. Source them from social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora etc.
3. Make them pay for the course fee, i.e. Rs499/- and fill up the registration form
4. Share the payment details with us
5. Keep in touch with the students during the course duration and upsell other courses and earn additional income on upselling.

1. Fixed Salary – Rs10,000/- per month.
2. Variable Salary – Rs2500/- paid every week, on meeting the sales criterion.

Sales Criterion
1. Weekly Registrations between 0 and 4: Job Qualification Criterion Not Met
2. Weekly Registrations between 5 and 9: No Incentive
3. Weekly Registrations between 10 and 15: Rs.1000/-
4. Weekly Registrations between 16 and 20: Rs.2500/-
5. Weekly Registrations more than 20: Rs.2500+Rs200 on every registration after 20

Product and Sale Training
All candidates have to undergo a 15 day product and sales training.

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