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“My 1st Crypto” Webinar

What You Always Wanted To Know About Crypto

1st Apr 2023

03:00-05:00 PM

Sandeep Mohan

sandeep mohan

Ask yourself these questions?

– Do I know the potential of Crypto
– Do I have an understanding of How Crypto Works
– Am I a part of this Tech in any way

What you will learn in this webinar


What is the tech behind Crypto

The Blockchain Technology (Web 3.0) is said to be a biggest technological invention since the Internet.!!


How does Crypto work in the real world

How the crypto transaction is done on the Blockchain network and why it is next to impossible to hack?


What is the Govt. saying on Crypto

Govt. has updated its PML Act on 7th Mar ’23. How does it effect the crypto transactions? Is it something we wanted?


Future of Crypto

Paytm was unheard of 10 years ago, and now it has dominated the micro payment industry. Can crypto do the same? Is it really this big?


Why is Crypto always in news

Some of the biggest financial news on the planet included crypto transactions. What have we done to avoid it further?


Does trading in Crypto make sense

Claimed to be one of the riskiest forms among asset classes, does trading in crypto make sense, if yes, then why?

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1st Apr
03-05 pm IST​

Sandeep Mohan

Know your Crypto Coach up close and personal

Founder Director – Asset Sense Pvt Ltd (since 2012)​
Crypto Trading since 2017​
Consultant at some of the leading Crypto Projects ​
YouTube Channel – @DIY-Cryptos​
Udemy Certified Trainer​
sandeep mohan diy cryptos

Sandeep Mohan

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4 Lucky Winners Will Get 50 $

What the past attendees have to say

“The topics covered in the webinar were quite basic and it proved to be stepping stone for further understanding of the subject.”
Kiara Kapoor
“The examples given in the webinar were very easy to understand and quite relevant to the current situation.”
“I have gained enough knowledge in the webinar and now I am planning to start trading in crypto”
Pankaj Sharma

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