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Purpose And Passion Is What Drives Us

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What started as a part time hobby became a full time passion.
It started back in 2017 when there was a lot of noise about Bitcoin being a legal entity or not. Especially, in India, which had undergone the demonetization of its bigger currency notes, i.e. the 500 and 1000 rupee notes, in late 2016. I was not sure about how BTC worked, but I was sure it was here for the long haul. My first stint with Bitcoin was through the Blockchain Wallet and I had bought BTC worth Rs,90,000/- then. I was super amazed at the speed that it went from INR3 lac per BTC to INR13 lac per BTC. I could not have felt more elated. However, that was short lived and soon enough I found that RBI is not pro BTC and has issued a few statements accordingly, to discourage the use of BTC. Fast-forward to 2020, RBI corrected itself and allowed buying of crypto easier through the Indian Exchanges like Zebpay, etc. That is when I started trading in the crypto derivatives and soon realized its entirely based on logic and its a skill that can be learnt. I made a few strategies and tested them for months. Finally, I shortlisted a particular strategy that could consistently make profit in my trades. Now, I am here with the D-I-Y Crypto Course to empower people like me who wish to make it big in the Crypto Trading World. I have made things quite simple to understand, and it will apeal to people of all skill levels.

Sandeep Mohan

Learn Something Every Day​

“I love Crypto Trading. I love thinking of Crypto Strategies and measuring the performance of my trades. I want to share my love and passion with the world. That’s what this course is all about. The course will teach Crypto Trading best practices to any skillset.”

Sandeep Mohan​

sandeep mohan

Who we Are

D-I-Y Crypto is a brand owned by Asset Sense Pvt Ltd. It has its head office in Gurgaon, India. It was founded in 2017 and since then it has been providing its students with the updated information in the ever changing Crypto World. The D-I-Y Crypto Team endures in making one thing clear to its students that Crypto is a calculated risk and if you can do the calculation right then there is no stopping you

We wish to clear the air around the word Cryptocurrency. As, right now, there is more negative around this word than positive. Well, then it was the same with the word Internet when in was invented 50 years ago and we all know how that story ended, rather still continues. We wish to the the torch bearer for the people who wish to embrace this technology and land up on the right side of the information divide.

We wish to do this with our courses that are designed to empower people from all backgrounds and skill levels. We have the capacity to train over 5000 students in an year and soon we will be going to enter the international market and increase our reach to 50,000 students per year.

Learn From Industry Leaders​

Our Trainers are best in the Industry and they have spent many years trading in the market. And what they say comes from hands-on experience in live trading.

Differentiate Between Noise and Call

As soon as you start trading you will hear a lot of noises, from social media, peers, etc. Wisdom says, it better to start from one end and move towards the end patiently.

You are your own Certification​

Who can better give you a certificate that your own trading account. Set the standard higher every time you go out to trade and be your own motivation.

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